Tahoe Natural Housecleaning Principles

Lake Tahoe Green CleaningMany of us were raised in homes with toxic cleaning products and continue to live in toxic homes to this day. Cleaning products are not required by law in the United States to list their ingredients. This is an ongoing issue with both genetically modified food (GMOs) and cleaning products we all use on a daily basis. used by us all and it has come more to light now than ever that what we put in our home and what we use to clean our home with is just as important as what we put inside our bodies.

For many being green isn’t a passion in life but do understand that it does effect you and if you wish to not know the gritty details why not just have peace of mind knowing you went with a green cleaner. One step closer to helping the next generation.

There are 17,000 petrochemicals available for home use, 70% of which haven’t been tested for exposure to human health and the environment.

On average 63 synthetic chemical products are found in the average American home.

Indoor air pollution can be 200% of what outdoor air pollution levels are, according to US EPA estimates.


All we ask is please be aware that if you are not using a 100% natural product that you are probably using dangerous chemical. If they do not disclose their ingredients it’s a sure sign that there is most likely something toxic in it as they have something to hide. Just because the words ‘non-toxic’, eco-friendly or ‘organic’ are listed doesn’t always mean the product is 100% natural or safe. These words are not regulated by the FDA or USDA which means they can just put it on there for marketing purposes only.

Tahoe Natural Cleaning Company uses 100% all-natural cleaning products, many of which we make ourselves from common non-toxic household products. These cleaning solutions are equally effective as chemical-based formulas in ridding bacteria. Ask us about some of our tricks and tips when calling for an appointment or consultation for our Lake Tahoe housecleaning services.

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