Join Our Team!

Are you the most RELIABLE person you know?
Want to get recognized for doing an AMAZING job?

This opportunity IS for you if:

  • You can’t STAND being late or missing work
  • You love to have FUN and always turn up with a SMILE on your face
  • You LOVE working hard to serve others
  • You believe work should be MORE than just a place to trade your time for a couple of bucks
  • You DO what you say
  • You ENJOY working with others and working together as a TEAM
  • You aren’t afraid of hard work and find gratification in cleanliness and think being a cleaner is “A” OK .
  • You are good at jumping in and RESOLVING sticky situations


This opportunity is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t have reliable AWD or 4WD, insurance and all that adult type stuff
  • Not comfortable driving in the snow
  • You can not legally work in the United States
  • You don’t play by the rules
  • You change jobs more than you change your socks
  • You don’t play well with others- it’s all about you
  • You don’t take showing up on time every time seriously
  • You think work should be meaningless and boring


If those words didn’t make your heart beat faster then let’s part friends.


If you are FIRED UP and ready to go – then click on the APPLY NOW button below or send your resume to tahoenaturalcleaning@gmail.com

We have a LIMITED number of cleaning positions available exclusively for ROCKSTARS like YOU who are TOTALLY picking up what we are laying down! So go ahead and click on the APPLY NOW button below immediately before these hot juicy openings are gone forever!!

This PART TIME job is based in South Lake Tahoe, CA & Stateline, NV.

$17-$20 an hour, paid car mileage, bonuses, tips

Email us your resume RIGHT NOW – BEFORE life gets in the way! Email us at tahoenaturalcleaning@gmail.com NOW so you aren’t sad forever!!

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