Ali has been a long time Lake Tahoe local of over 15 years and holds a high standard of quality for her clients. She is committed to using eco-friendly cleaning solutions to keep your Lake Tahoe home clean and non-toxic.

Ali is of Australian descent and came to Lake Tahoe out of a passion for the outdoors and the natural environment that beautiful Lake Tahoe provides. But most importantly she calls Tahoe her home because of her marriage to her husband, Mike. She understands the importance of making a home your own and a second home someone else’s home for an extended period due to her own need to pick up her life and move to a new destination and have family and friends visit.

Ali has two dogs of her own so for those of you who are dog lovers too she will of course give your furry friends of all kinds a little attention while she and her team clean.

Ali started Tahoe Green Cleaning Company, now known as Tahoe Natural Cleaning, out of a passion for using environmentally friendly products. Since the birth of Ali’s first child she became very aware of products being used in the home that could have a negative impact on her family. From this passion Ali decided to further her cleaning experiences by creating her own Cleaning Company. She cares deeply about creating a safer environment for your family, renters, pets & the earth by using eco-friendly products that are non-toxic and biodegradable. Ali and her team are highly reliable and honest which Ali feels is an extremely important key when one of your most important assets, your home, is involved. This been said she wants to protect you and the Tahoe Natural Cleaning Team and company by providing a fully insured and bonded company for everyone’s peace of mind.

Ali and her team welcomes you to let them become part of your home by giving you back some of your precious time and creating a safe and clean home for you to enjoy.

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